Our credentials let you feel safe and comfortable when doing real property transactions with us. These credentials include governmental real estate license, professional liability insurance and membership in the Polish Real Estate Federation.

Let me start to introduce our company by drawing your attention to our exceptional approach to representing the sides of real estate transactions, which, besides the highest quality of services is our key asset. We are convinced that only when working for one side of the transaction we can achieve maximum performance and use our expertise to the benefit of our Customers with their interest being our sole focus.

Commission is paid only if the property is actually sold by executing contract between the buyer and owner of the property we have found. There are no initial or in-progress costs, not until the deed of sale is executed.

As part of our support to our customers we advise them on the actual good and weak points of each property in consideration. For this purpose, right after establishing contact we invite you to a short interview to find out more about your preferences in relation to the property you are looking for. As the next step we prepare a selection of properties that fit your preferences from all the active offers on the market and send it via Email asking you to choose from them those which you like best. We arrange presentations of these properties at your convenience. After each presentation we give your opinion pointing out both its strengths and flaws. As soon as you have chosen the property we check its status of title. When it comes to negotiating the terms of sale we can either represent or assist you in the process of negotiation. When the deal has been made by the parties to the transaction we contact the Notary Public chosen by you and check the prepared Deed of Conveyance. We also appear before the Notary Public to accompany you during signing the Conveyance. After that we supervise the process of delivering the possession, confirmed by signing off the inventory record.

We are at your service and will support you throughout the whole process, starting from the time you execute the agency agreement up to delivering the possession by the seller.