Our credentials let you feel safe and comfortable when doing real property transactions with us. These include governmental real estate license, professional liability insurance and membership in Polish Real Estate Federation.

Let me start to introduce our company by drawing your attention to our exceptional approach to representing the sides of real estate transactions, which, besides the highest quality of services is our key asset. We are convinced that only when working for one side of the transaction we can achieve maximum performance and use our expertise to the benefit of our Customers with their interest being our sole focus. Putting your safety as our priority we provide screening of all potential tenants using for this the National Default Registry of Poland.

Falling in the “0% commission, fee paid by seller” scheme, your offer will be labelled with “0% commission” mark in all our advertisements including explanatory as a way to increase marketing performance. By not asking fee from the buyer we make our offer attractive to those prospective tenants who would not like to pay commission to agency, thus reducing the length of time to sell the property. Moreover, with no additional cost to the tenant the rent can be higher. Another advantage of our scheme is being able to co-operate with all reliable agencies, facilitating the process of finding the right buyer.

Commission is paid only if the property is actually let by executing tenancy contract between the owner and tenant procured by us. There are no initial or in-progress costs, not until the tenancy contract is executed.

Having decided to use our services you can choose between two types of listing contract: open (executed for indefinite period of time with right to terminate at any time) or exclusive.

In the latter case, the minimum period of contract is two months, and after that period the Landlord may at its discretion decide to prolong the contract at no extra cost.

Under exclusive agency agreement the listed property is additionally promoted in web portals to enhance marketing performance by increasing the number of hits. If requested by the seller an advertising banner can also be included in a clear view at no extra cost. With exclusive agency contract we are able to include in our ads the address details and external views of the property. Such offers are then sent to co-operating agencies inviting them to present the subject property to their customers who are searching for properties of that kind.

For each property we prepare a specific marketing plan taking into account its strong and weak points, as well as the current condition of the local property market. After visiting the property and based on our rental analysis we advise the Landlord on achievable rent level.

Photos are made in a way to capture the property in the best possible way. We know how to highlight the good points of the property. Home staging services are available if appropriate to the property in question.

All the properties listed by us are advertised in the leading web portals dealing in real estate: being the leader followed by, as well as other key portals, i.e. and

With the management services we provide you need not worry about your rental properties. Right after executing agency agreement we take care of all the issues pertaining to lease of your property.