Let me start to introduce our company by drawing your attention to our exceptional approach to representing the sides of real estate transactions, which, besides the highest quality of services is our key asset. We are convinced that only when working for one side of the transaction we can achieve maximum performance and use our expertise to the benefit of our Customers with their interest being our sole focus.

All the properties listed by us fall in the 0% commission scheme.
– commission is never paid by two sides of the same transaction – thus you can be sure that we work solely for you!
– no payment asked from buyer/tenant – fee is paid by Seller/Landlord only.

Falling in the “0% commission ” scheme your offer will be labelled as such in all our advertisements accompanied with explanatory note as a way to increase marketing performance.

By not asking fee from the buyer we make our offer attractive to those prospective buyers/tenants who would not like to pay commission to agency, thus reducing the length of time to sell the property. Moreover, with no additional cost to the buyer a higher selling price can be obtained.. Another advantage of our scheme is being able to co-operate with all reliable agencies, facilitating the process of finding the right buyer/ tenant.